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Juneteenth at Bandcamp

That was fast. Juneteenth is now a new federal holiday, not just the newest but maybe the best, because emancipating enslaved people, though it took a hell of a longtime and a hell of a lot of killing, is one of the greatest achievements in this country’s history. Yes, I know, it never should have been something to be achieved, but we humans are a bestial lot and are quick to be terrible to others.

The racists, of course, are all having tantrums, so help increase their suffering and enrich your own life by buying music from Bandcamp today. Up to midnight, PST, the site is donating 100% of their proceeds to the NAACP Legal Defense Fund. For this free issue of Kill Yr Idols, I’m sending out a list of recommendations, my favorite music from/available at Bandcamp through the first half of this year. Dig, if you will, with me…

Best of Bandcamp, June 2021

  • Don Cherry: These two recordings, out today, were my picks for the week in the most recent newsletter. You can read more about them in this article I wrote for Bandcamp, but suffice to say that these are both incredibly important and absolutely wonderful. If you can only choose one, got with the Châteauvallon 1972 live recording.

And for the rest:

the volume settings folder, Pastorage Sights (check out his bargain CD bundles too)

RETE, Imaginary Borders, sort of a tribute to I am sitting in a room, and beyond

Midwife, Luminol, more fulfilling heaven metal from Madeline Johnston

Mimir, untitled, subtle ambient music, very much iron first in velvet glove

Lisa Bella Donna, Electronic Studies, she has several new recordings and this one is my favorite

Charnett Moffett, New Love, this new album is funky as hell and luminous with a beautiful spirit

Linda Caitlin Smith, Meadow, one of the most notable contemporary composers, and a beautiful piece of music

Nyege Nyege Tapes, L’Esprit de Nyege 2020, a fantastic collection that opens a window onto the creative music making happening in Africa right now

Unexplained Sounds Group - 6th Annual Report, for a look into what’s going on, in some small way, in the rest of the world

And on the wishlist

Here’s some things I’ve sampled and found intriguing, but haven’t gotten through them yet

“Amateur” electronic music based on algorithms for how church bells work:

Hallucinatory post-punk from Australia, with some of the best melodies I’ve heard all year:

Upcoming album from the fierce and fearsome Kingwoman:

Brilliant and stylish beats from Georgia Anne Muldrow:

Miguel Zénon playing Ornette Coleman. Yeah, it’s a no-brainer:

I hope you enjoy some of these. Don’t miss an issue, please consider a subscription!

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